Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Perfect Marriage

The year was 1920. People in that location still dated from a distance, in the living room, and with the entire family watching.

She had a chronic problem of bad breath and hid that from him at all cost, so that she would even spray perfume into her mouth to converse with him at the living room.

He had a chronic problem of bad smell on the feet and hid that from her at all cost, so that he would even spray perfume over his socks to converse with her at the living room.

All dates were sensational and both had plenty of fun, so that they decided to marry.

On the first night together, he did not know what to do, for she could feel repulsion for him. He would then never leave the bathroom. 30 minutes and he was still showering.

He finally decided to get out.

She, from her end, also did not know what to do and had already imagined ways of never kissing him when he started approaching.

She decided to say something: 'Darling...' 

He interrupted her: 'I know what happened: You ate my socks!'


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