Saturday, 10 May 2014

Second Hand Car In Rio De Janeiro

 (Real life event)

She was a bit broke but wanted a car.

She then decided to check on the newspaper, the one at hand.

There it was: A second hand car for precisely the money she had, 1K.

Without hesitating, she called the man. The name on the ad was João.

She: Mr. João, is your car really OK to drive?

João: Of course, madam. I would not advertise it the way I did, saying it is 100%, if it were not.

She: Oh, well, I might be interested.

João: I will take it to where you are.

She: Then come.

When she sees the car from outside, it did not look that bad. Warned by the father for long, however, since the father was really passionate about cars, she asked João to open the front of the car for her to see what was inside.

As he opened it, she saw nothing apart from an engine.

A bit shocked with the sight, she asks João: Mr. João, are you sure this is OK? I am used to see more things inside of the front of a car than what I am seeing now.

João: Let's go for a test-drive. You will love it!

Driving she is, and João is next to her, in the passenger's seat.

They decided to go just around the block for her to have an idea.

The lights are approaching, everyone has already stopped, but she cannot stop the car.

She: Mr. João, the break is not really working. 

João: Imagine! Of course it is working. Press harder.

She presses harder. Now they are about 5 meters from the lights and everyone has already stopped apart from her.

João: Women are so anxious

She, already red like a tomato: Mr. João, we will collide!

It is then that he dips into the middle of the car and moves the hand break.

João: How is it? Oh, well, when it does not work, you can always do that, isn't it?



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