Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sexism in the Medieval Times

And it was still the time of Inquisition when he went to the church to confess his sins.

Marriage back then was a really serious thing, since God was told to be actually watching from very close.

People did not divorce: One of them died and they then could marry another person.

From the confessionary the priest then said: So, my son, what is it today?

He goes:  Priest, oh, my priest... . 

Priest: Say, son. What is it that is afflicting you?

He goes: Priest, you know how I respect all the rules of the Catholic Church, where I have married my wife.

Priest: Yes, son. You have been telling me all these years. 

He goes: Priest, priest... . Not sure I can talk about this.

Priest: What can't you talk about with your Lord through me, son? You do not trust I am a representative of Our Lord anymore?

He goes: No, priest. It is surely not that, but, you know, time goes by and... . 

Priest: Oh, son, what is it that has happened to you?

He: Priest, my priest... . The neighbor, the neighbor of the house in front of mine, that widow... . 

Priest: OK, son. You do not need to talk anymore: Your wife is doing witchery, right? Don't worry, I have plenty of believers in the same situation as you... . Witch she is!


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