Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Art Of Imitation: Only If It Is Altruistic

The occupational therapist was working at Pestalozzi (Pestalozzi). She then asked the kids to clap hands

They were all trying, but none would succeed.

Some would go very close to clapping, like one hand would touch the other slightly on the way to the right position, but the shape would be lost and they would end up almost hugging themselves instead.

She said that they would have to be able to clap hands to progress in their studies.

One after the other, all in a cue, they were trying, but nothing.

Number 200th, the last one, makes that sort of face, of someone who is having difficulties with their bowel movements, a lot of difficulties, but is really persistent, and finally succeeds, so that she finally heard a clap.

As soon as number 200th does that, she hears the sound of all the other pairs of hands clapping for him.


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