Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Just Like Daddy!

The girl got picked up at the school door by the mother, who, in her red Mazda, spoke to her gardener through the telephone, and the gardener had just had an accident whilst trimming their Christmas tree.

The dutiful mum kisses her daughter whilst stopping the conversation with the gardener, who was told that her daughter was around and they could talk about that later, when she arrived, what should be happening in less than thirty minutes.

Soon, as promised, they arrive home. The girl decides to observe her mother instead of doing her usual and she then sees the mother dealing with the gardener and trying to understand the situation: The man had just cut himself with the machine and needed some stitches.

The tree was now a bit uneven and with some drops of his blood.

Mum tells her to jump in the car again because they are going to take the gardener to Emergency.

The smiley old man gets twelve stitches, so that the cut was serious.

Mum still drops him at his door, which was about two blocks away from home.

When they arrive home, the girl decides to stick to the decision from before they left to help the gardener and she is then observing: Mum checks the messages on the answering machine, makes a few notes, then resets it. 

Mum gets the postal items, dumps what is marketing material, reads the bills, separates what belongs to dad, and goes through her share of the post. 

Mum then calls the restaurant to order dinner, but not after asking her and dad, and dad was reached via mobile, what they wanted. 

Mum makes a list with what each one wants, thinks for a while, and orders the closest thing to what they all want that she can find on the menu. 

Mum rushes to speak to the cleaner, who was still around.

The cleaner had finished for the day, but wanted some extra money. 

Mum opens her wallet, gives the man a 100-dollar bill, and he goes away much happier than he was when they arrived.

Mum turns on the heater, closes the gates, turns on security, says hi to the dog, who anxiously waited for his food, and she does that whilst filling his feeder, and then asks her why she is not doing her usual. 

She says that she has to think about a composition they told her to prepare at school: It is about what she wants to be when she grows up. 

Oh, well, says mum, what do you really want to be when you grow up?

I want to be like daddy, mum.

Oh, so you mean you will be a seller? You will work for Smith & Klein? You will call lots of people every day or something?

No, mum: A Son of a Bitch who thinks  only of himself!


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