Friday, 15 January 2016

But It Is Ours, and that Is All that Matters!

They were waiting for the news about the newborn. 

The doctor came.

- So, doctor, where is it?

- I thought I should prepare you first. The nurse will arrive with it in a few seconds.

- So?

- Your baby does not have the arms, both arms.

He stares at her, she stares at him. They both say: It is OK, but it is ours, and that is ALL that matters!

- Oh, well, it also does not have the legs, both legs.

They again stare at each other and then say, after a pause: But it is ours, and that is ALL that matters.

- Oh, well, it ALSO does not have the torso.

- What? 

Longer pause, much longer. 

- So, doctor, what is it that it has got?

- An ear: It is a big ear!

They stare at each other and go again: It is ours and that is all that REALLY matters. Anything else?

- Oh, yes: It is deaf!

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