Saturday, 21 May 2016

Guinness Book

Who told me this one was Cristine, a French fellow from Grace College. That was 2000. I credit her with the joke because I think that she does not know that I suffer atrocities and therefore she could not have done anything to help  or save me, in principle. We know, jokes are, in principle, public domain, but I do give credits for intellectual property, even for tokens of wisdom, whenever I can, since I respect to an extreme the rights of others to privacy, property, and freedom, and I do think that is how we make this world be bearable: Respecting those to an extreme. 

Cristine then said something like this:

You don't know this woman who entered the Guinness Book for having intercourse with the largest amount of men we have counted so far? 

Me: No. Joking?

Cristine: Not joking, true. 

Me: How could they possibly do something like that?

Cristine: The woman was lying down with the legs wide open, naked, and there was a huge cue of men who had put their name down, all there waiting to have sex with her. 

Me: Joking? 

Cristine: Serious.

And then, in the middle of the cue, there was this one guy with a bunch of flowers in his hand...

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