Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Ultimate Orgasm

One professional prostitute is saying to another: A man told me about The Ultimate and how the previous mistress enchanted him with such a thing. 

The other: What is this?

The first: You also don't know? He says that the guy stands on a chair, puts his neck inside of the rope loop and the rope is as it usually is when the person is going to commit suicide. The woman then performs oral sex with him, and, when he is almost in his climax, she takes the chair off him. 

The other: Really?

The first: Yes, and he then said that she was the best ever in bed.

Next day, the other came to chat with her at their usual time of being together, right before the shift, and she had a bulky thing to her spine. 

The first: So, what is this on your back?

The other: I will also be called the best ever in bed. Do you know why? I now have a 48 on me. I will put the gun on the guy's head. I will then tell him we will be playing Russian Roulette: If the hole is empty, he gets his orgasm. If it has a bullet, he gets orgasm with death. What about that?

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