Thursday, 14 July 2016

Emergency, Mental

A man called The Interpreting Services: 

- Hello. 

- Hello, I am your interpreter. What are your first and last names?

- Malcom Roi.

- OK, Malcom. We are going to help you do what today?

- I am at the Mental Hospital, car park, downstairs, in front of the mental ward. They told me that there is no interpreter for me. 

- We are here for you, Malcom. So, who told you that there was no interpreter for you? For when do you need one? 

- The nurse. She came around, gave me a piece of paper with the number for your services, and then told me that they had no interpreters for me. That is for today, just now. 

- You say you are in a mental hospital, right? Do you mean the psychiatric ward of a hospital, what hospital?

- Paradox. 

- Ah, just a minute. Operator? So, here we have Malcom Roi. He says that he needs somebody to help him speak to the hospital staff but they are saying that there is no interpreter that they can reach. They then gave him our number. Can you do something about it?

- Sure. I will call them and see. (The operator makes the connection) Here is Marleen, interpreter. 

- Marleen, we here have Malcom Roi, and he says that he is at the car park of your hospital, downstairs, in front of the mental ward. 

- Ask him what he wants.

-What do you want, Malcom?

- I want to get out of the hospital. The doctor told me that I had to sign some papers, and I then need the help of a translator/interpreter. 

- Is he a patient here?

- Are you a patient at the Paradox, Malcom?

- We had a fight, and the lady called the police. They then brought me here.

- Where is he now?

- He said he is close to the car park, downstairs, in front of the mental ward. 

- Is he outside or inside?

- Malcom, are you inside of the hospital or outside?

- Outside

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