Monday, 11 July 2016

The Life of Actual Women in the 21st Century

And there she was: Hanging by half of each hand from the 10th floor of the building where she lived, her apartment

The front door was open, a bag containing 100,000 dollars was in the living room, but she was screaming and hanging. 

She had spent four weeks selling her New Rosary, five days out of seven during each week, in The Mall, and had sold 10,000 of them, quite miraculously. To sell all, she had to carry them by the fifties: A walk of about half an hour to go to The Mall, and another walk, of another half an hour, to come back home. She made this trip ten times each day, and she managed to sell 500 each time, quite miraculously. 

The husband had died in a car crash and she started praying more than the usual. God then blessed her with His words. Now she was hanging by the half of each hand from the 10th floor and the 100,000 dollars rested in the bag in her living room.

Here came a Brazilian man: Heard her screaming, got in, saw the green bill coming out of the bag, asked her about it. She said it was the money for the New Rosary that she had sold, 100,000. The Brazilian man said: Hum, money that is cash, nobody knows exists in any official way, and is still money that is not subjected to taxes? She screamed: Please save me

The Brazilian looked at the bag, and then at her: Her hand was already becoming red, and she could not stand thinking of how to save herself anymore. The Brazilian decided for letting her die, and getting the money after that. 

The Australian  man was in the building, heard her screaming, saw the bag, was going to save her, and then heard from the Brazilian man who was inside that the bag contained 100,000 dollars that nobody knew existed in terms of taxes or anything else. The Australian then proposed that they shared after she died, since it shouldn't take long.

The American man was in the building, and heard her screaming: He entered, saw both the Australian, and the Brazilian to one of the corners of her living room, and rushed to save her. Both the Brazilian, and the Australian showed their teeth, and their muscles, and blocked his way. The American then conformed, for he feared both the Australian, and the Brazilian, and he then stayed around to try to find an opportunity. 

Five more minutes of her screaming, and an Islamic guy appeared at the bottom of the building, a black guy. He said: Die, die, and die! (And he did not even know about the money!).

That was when she fell to her death, and there was blood at her face, which actually looked a bit like Christ's face. The Islamic man then said: She deserved! A Christian man approached, and said: Why? Did you know her? The Islamic guy said: It is a woman!

The American guy then cried as both the Australian, and the Brazilian left with the bag full of money. He was later on arrested for denying help, and not stopping theft when none of the subjects had weapons. The Christian is still praying the New Rosary on the hope she will come back, just like Christ did: Better some sort of life than none, he says. If she comes back as a spirit, I will help her. 

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