Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Eternal Love

The future victim turned to the psychopath and said: How much do you love me?
He answered: Forever and ever. 

The future victim of the CIA bug turned to the psychopath and said: Do you really love me?
He answered: Inside out. To the point of becoming your flesh and bones. 

FV to psychopath: Do you promise you will never leave me?
He answered: I promise!
FV: What if I do something wrong?
He answered: Never, not even if you say that is what you want. Do not worry, swear. 

FV: Will you be with me after I die?
He answered: I always do that.

FV: Do you think you have my heart?
He answered: Not yet, but I am working on that.

FV: Oh, we look so good in bed together! I wish we could be preserved forever like this.
He answered: I tried this before, but you will decompose.

He asked: How much do you love me?
FV: Until death tear us apart.
He said: Oh, that is good. I would hate thinking that I left you alone when you still loved me.

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