Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fritz, the Dog, and Humans

I first watched Fritz, and felt ashamed that the dog was a dog, since he seemed to be unable to do the most basic things that dogs do. 

Then I had the curiosity of watching the video that was next to it, Humans

That is when I felt ashamed that the human was a human, since he could not do the dogs' basic stuff. 

Any task may give us a lot of work; may demand a lot of effort. 

Most of the time, it is only when we ourselves have to do something that we can see how much effort the other puts into the thing in order to get the results they get. 

These YouTube videos are really interesting, this even to teach good manners, respect, and, in special, loyalty in competition. 

If my aggressors/violators had people educating them in this way, they probably would not do what they have done to me in any of these years; the more than 16 years I suffer atrocities for.

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