Saturday, 5 March 2016

Paedophilic Thinking

Said the old man about the young woman: I think she loves me because she told me things she never told her partner. 

Said the mate to the young woman: You must like the old man I just spoke to. 

Young woman: I don't mind speaking to him, if that is what you mean. Every time we speak, I tell him all the things I would not tell my husband.

Mate: Why is that?

Young woman: I don't want to annoy him, I reckon. I want us happy all the time. Not sure. They are just unnecessary things, proper for the ears of those who don't have what to do. 

Old man to the mate: So, don't you think she loves me? 

Mate: It depends on what you think love is, I suppose. I think that if you had what to do, she would not tell you those things that she does not tell her husband. 

Old man: You see, he does not give her attention. I knew I was giving her something extra. 

Mate: No, it is not that. 

Old man: How come? Can only be.

Mate: No, it isn't. Don't you think that a person who loves you would love you regardless of how busy you are? 

Old man: Sure.

Mate: Yet, if you are busy, if you have what to do, she won't tell you those things anymore; she will go for the next one that has nothing to do. 

Old man: So, I am lucky that I have nothing to do. Is that what you mean? In this way, she loves me. 

Mate: Oh, God!