Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How Many of You?

A mathematical joke asks, How many mathematicians does it take to change a light bulb? and answers 
 (which, of course, equals 1).

I found this one on 
but I would like to say that the right answer would be:
because, out of respect for the importance of their work, there is always someone to swap the bulb in their place.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Soft Drink and Prizes

A little boy from Queensland was crazy about Coke. One day he got a prize: One of the lids said he got a prize. He went to the depot to pick it up. It was a huge huge, really huge, box. 

He had to open it. He carried it in the bus and everyone kept on starring at it. 

He got home and his relatives all watched him unpacking: The first huge box was gone. Now there was a slightly smaller box. Everyone wanted to know what would come after this one. He then unpacked. One more box was gone, but there was an even smaller box inside of that one. He kept on unpacking. Another box appeared. Unpacked. Another one. He was now by the fifth box. Still unpacking. From size of his basketball basket box to size of a microwave's box. Still unpacking. Tenth box. Now it came one that looked like a printer's box. Still unpacking. Now he was with a box of the size of a notebook. Still unpacking. Several boxes of that shape, one smaller than the other. Still unpacking. Now came a box of the size of a pen. Still unpacking. Finally, the last box: Size of a ring. He opens it: Nothing but a sentence. The sentence: Next time drink Fanta.