Saturday, 22 October 2016

Knock Knock

A man asked me: Marcia, how can I know if I am dealing with a female prostitute or not? 

I answered: You knock at her head. If you hear an echo, then you are. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Politeness in Academia

In Academia, it is advisable that everyone be as polite as possible, so that the latest was the sigmatoid organic starting to become a new pejorative. As we know, all that is organic is supposed to come from natural elements, and therefore, if traditional agriculture methods are considered, literally from excrement. 

One academic turned to the other and said: So, what do you think of that journal?

The other: I thought it was a bit organic. You?

The first: Agree.

And that paper: It was more to the side of the clean energy, don't you think?

The first: Agree.

The other: How do you feel today?

The first: Also a bit organic and on the verge of producing more organic matter, actually in all senses. Excuse-me. 


The oppressed, and that would basically be me in the last fourteen plus years, getting racketed on the head again in order to again not be on top and not have access to the top, says to the oppressor:

They are always inviting me to play. Shame that I am always the ball: Oh, how it was big, their racket! 

Kaboom, and there goes the oppressed again (racket on the head, down from one step away from heavens). 

People on earth hear that striking sound, something similar to the end of earth, and they then see a mix of tears, blood, and smell. 

So, what was that? An airplane, an insect? No, it was the super-oppressed again, racketed on the head, all again. Kaboom!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Eternal Love

The future victim turned to the psychopath and said: How much do you love me?
He answered: Forever and ever. 

The future victim of the CIA bug turned to the psychopath and said: Do you really love me?
He answered: Inside out. To the point of becoming your flesh and bones. 

FV to psychopath: Do you promise you will never leave me?
He answered: I promise!
FV: What if I do something wrong?
He answered: Never, not even if you say that is what you want. Do not worry, swear. 

FV: Will you be with me after I die?
He answered: I always do that.

FV: Do you think you have my heart?
He answered: Not yet, but I am working on that.

FV: Oh, we look so good in bed together! I wish we could be preserved forever like this.
He answered: I tried this before, but you will decompose.

He asked: How much do you love me?
FV: Until death tear us apart.
He said: Oh, that is good. I would hate thinking that I left you alone when you still loved me.