Thursday, 29 December 2016

When the Person Gets the Blessings of God Because of their name

A guy was called Paul Norbury, but, in the USA, everyone was used to call him Norbury. Some said Dr. Norbury. Others said Norbury. 

Someday a woman from South America who was suffering extraordinary crimes, true atrocities, for one decade and a half heard, as she was passing by the reception desk, this after once more trying Norbury for help:

- So, what is her problem?
- True atrocities, several years, poor thing. 
(Her fellow was typing as she spoke to her) 
Nobody wants to help. 
- It is a good thing that Norbury will help her then. May God bless him!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Jolile and the Unnoticed Release of Unwanted Gas

It was a social gathering in ancient style...

All dressed accordingly: carrying walking sticks that they didn't actually need when they were men, and wearing tops that go under other tops with the objective of constraining obesity to bearable levels when they were women. 

The background music was what nowadays we use in funerals. 

A maid went around offering liquor. 

Spectacles that cover only one eye and hang from chains of gold were seen everywhere. 

A dog of style, of those whose bodies make waves, so elegant, of really long legs and spine, is relaxing under the chair of this really fat man, who is perhaps a relative of the KFC Colonel (KFC man). 

Politeness levels are so extreme that conversations sound like murmur. 

All of a sudden, a noise, a very loud noise, is heard. 

Everyone seems to direct their eyes to where the KFC man is. 

He quickly responds to their interest by turning to the dog and saying: Jolile, get out of there, Jolile! Go for a walk. 

Jolile is not his dog.

Ten minutes pass and the KFC man gets the attention of all once more, the turning of eyes happen again, and he again says: Oh, oh, Jolile, please go for a walk. I don't understand why you are still there. 

Jolile looked at him, understood, but did not comply. 

Thirty minutes pass.

The scene repeats.

This time, before the KFC man releases the token that is directed to Jolile, her owner intervenes: Jolile, get out of there immediately before this man releases his excrement over you! 

(This time she moved and ran away)