Saturday, 27 May 2017

One More of Those

Blonder brings one more infamous joke about blondes. 

Brazil has plenty. 

Bimbo is certainly a sexist term so far: I think it had never been applied to men before I do that

Modern times require modern ways of dealing with things and plenty of men are bimbos these days. 

Trivializing the sexual act is also not an acceptable thing: Calling the person who has sex with another a bimbo means that the sexual act has been objectified. 

This increases promiscuity levels, since it trivializes sex. 

This also objectifies the human being, since it reduces the presence of another human being, the contact with their naked body, and all else to an offense. 

Instead of this is the bimbo of Mister X, we should say this is the extra-official or illegitimate partner of Mister X. He does this to his family for one month now or something like that. Someone should tell his wife

There has to be a way to be fair with all the victims, and, in this case, they are all women, as for what I know myself of the term, its use, and so on. 

The wife is a victim because she believes the husband is hers, and therefore obviously that he has intimacy with nobody else. 

The woman they call bimbo in the joke is a victim because she is not regarded or respected as a full woman or person.

She is perhaps also a victim in general, like she did not have a proper mother, father, upbringing, family, and so on. 

Mister X is the really unacceptable subject, since he has dishonored the vows made to his wife, perhaps the promises made to his entire society, like perhaps they married in a Catholic church, and definitely his promises to his Country, since breaching a contract, even if it is an informal one, is breaching the law. 

He certainly has a contract which contains strict guidelines in terms of his conduct with his wife. 

He is the bastard involved.