Saturday, 4 June 2016

Do You Want my Kid?

Little John screams: D A A D Ddy! Da aad dy! 

The theater lights go on after some five minutes of people listening to his screams. 

Little John's Dad: Oh, Jesus, why me?

The guardian comes around: So, what is your problem, little boy?

Little John: I lost my ball. 

The guardian: Oh, OK. Perhaps we will all look for your ball, so that you can keep on watching the movie with us, right?

Little John's Dad: You see, everyone stopped watching the movie to look for your ball. Are you happy now?

The guardian: We have now been looking for a while, but nobody has found your ball. How does it look like?

Little John's Dad: In fact, I do not recall having arrived here with any ball. How does it look like, Little John?

Little John: Never mind. (Puts his index finger inside of his nostril) I will make another! 

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