Saturday, 21 May 2016

Japanese Virtue: Patience

They say, like everywhere, that the most patient people ever alive are the Japanese. 

Koji found a screw, got an abrasive thing and polished, polished, and polished. The screw now looked like a brand-new one. He then directed himself to the nearest hardware store and said: I have a screw that I polished. It looks like a brand-new one now. Can I swap this for something?

The seller goes: Sure. I can take it and give you ten other rusted screws. 

Koji: Deal!

Koji went home and used the same abrasive material. Now he had ten brand-new screws.

The seller, John, goes: Sure. Here you have twenty. 

Koji brought all twenty shining like the sun to John and he now had forty.

He swapped again and swapped again and now he had one thousand rusted screws.

John pitied him and decided to offer one dirty and rusted car tire with a wheel inside. 

He then told him to clean and polish all until it looked good enough, then go to see Kevin, who worked at the car shop.

Koji cleansed the tire, polished the wheel, and, with it looking like brand-new, went to see Kevin.

Kevin offered three rusted wheels and three dirty tires in exchange.

Koji went away and came back with three brand-new tires and three brand-new and shiny wheels. Kevin gave him four dirty tires and four rusted wheels plus a steering wheel. 

Koji kept on going like that and now he had an entire car to fix. He put it to look as if it were brand-new, and now one year had passed from when he saw John for the first time.

Kevin then gave him a car that needed to be cleaned and polished, but was working and everything, so that Koji cleaned and polished his own car and he now could drive a car of his own for the first time in life.

Koji put on his best Sunday clothes, decided to attend the Catholic mass like that, and, when he was coming back from the mass, an entire private airplane hit his brand-new car and exploded. He only had the time to run away. 

Koji was intact, but the car was gone. He then came to inspect the scene: All was gone but a rusted screw. 

Koji then went home and polished, polished, and polished the rusted screw until it was looking like brand-new...

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