Wednesday, 18 May 2016

When Your Advice Can indeed Kill

So, John was again at the doctor's office: Dr., there is an alligator under my bed.

Doctor: Right, John. What size?

John: Size of life!

Doctor: Have you been feeding and sleeping well, John?

John: I little sleep, Doctor. I am always worried about the alligator.

Doctor: Right. Anything that happened lately that made you be upset?

John: My wife had to travel to another state. She left two days ago.

Doctor: When did the alligator appear, John?

John: Two days ago.

Doctor: I am going to prescribe some sleeping tablets and I want you to take them with no miss.

John: What about the alligator, Doctor?

Doctor: I am thinking it will disappear after you take these tablets, John. 

John: It looks pretty real to me.

Doctor: They all look like that. Trust me, John. It will disappear.

(One week passes. Two weeks. Three. Six months)

The Doctor decides to call John. His wife answered.

Doctor: Who is there?

Wife: Pietra.

Doctor: Is John there? Can I speak to him? 

Pietra: He is not here anymore.

Doctor: Why? What happened?

(Long pause)

Pietra: The alligator ate him!

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